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Aktivhotel Gasteiner Einkehr: Your Hotel in Gastein Valley

Be a guest of the Fankhauser family in Dorfgastein

For over 60 years, the Gasteiner Einkehr has been a popular vacation destination for guests coming to Gastein to ski or hike.

The original Berglift Stüberl, which was a small snack bar, was transformed in 1969 into the Schihäusl with 3 guest rooms and 1 dining room.

In 1980, the family of Christine and Gustl Fankhauser took over the Schihäusl, expanding their establishment to 10 guest rooms – the Gasteiner Einkehr was created.

The years passed and the Fankhauser family decided to remodel the small country inn, ultimately opening in spring 2007 their ****Aktivhotel Gasteiner Einkehr.

In autumn 2013, Robert, the second-born son, took over the family business. The hotel has been modernized from year to year and a bigger renovation was made in spring 2017.
On the south-east side, in the basement the wellness area was expanded, a new hotel bar and lounge area was added, the restaurant was enlarged and some rooms were renovated.

The Fankhauser family runs their hotel with boundless love and hard work. You will always find them somewhere in the hotel, creating for their guests a comfortable home-away-from-home in Gastein Valley.

We, the Fankhauser family, are introducing ourselves …

Robert, runs the business of the house. He works a lot and helps wherever it is needed. As a trained cook chef, he likes to work in the kitchen, takes care of all repairs in the hotel and takes care of the organizational matters. In addition, he is a certified hiking guide, insuring guests are absolutely safe out on the mountain with him. His great passion is skiing, for which he sometimes also takes a break and enjoys the perfect slopes in Gastein Valley.

His wife Elisabeth looks after the 3 children, takes care of the reception and the wishes of the guests and is in charge for the accounts. In her free time she likes to be out in the fresh air and to enjoy the Gastein mountains.

Christine and Gustl, the two senior managers, support us with a lot in the hotel.Christine bakes the delicious cakes in the hotel and she still likes to cook for the whole family. Her hobbies include making natural products from medicinal herbs she has collected herself, as well as her beautiful, lovingly tended orchids, which you will find around the hotel. Gustl, is always in the morning the first one in the house. He has been hiking with the guests to the most beautiful places in the Gastein Valley for more than 25 years, is a certified hiking guide and is still in top shape. Evenings he will always find time to enjoy a friendly get-together with our guests. One of their common hobbies is cycling – preferably sporty with the e-bike.

The greatest joy we have with our children, our 3-girls house:

Anna, our oldest, is 17 years old and currently attends kindergarten school (educational institution for elementary pedagogy) in Bischofshofen. Her career aspiration: elementary school teacher. In her free time, she prefers to cycle with her mountain bike on the Gastein mountains or goes hiking with her dad.

Maria is 16 years old and goes also to school, at „Elisabethinum“ in St. Johann, a higher educational institute for economic professions and will also end this with Matura (graduation diploma). Maria is very musical and she has been playing the “Styrian Harmonica” perfectly for 5 years.

Sophie, 12 years old and very athletic, attends the middle school in Bad Hofgastein. In summer she likes to play tennis and her “winter hobbies” are skiing and cross-country skiing. She also likes to spend her free time in the kitchen – she loves to make her own bread and is happy to help grandma when baking cakes.

The Fankhauser family are particularly proud of their loyal, hard-working team – a team that constantly strives, with a true sense of heartfelt hospitality, to meet their guests’ every wish.

We, the Fankhauser family and the Einkehr team, look forward to welcoming you to our family-run ****Aktivhotel Gasteiner Einkehr and giving you the pampering you deserve, allowing you to turn your well-earned vacation into something truly special.


Our cat FRITZ
lovely called Fritzi by all of us, our red colored house cat. He has been living with us for more than 15 years and belongs to our family. In winter he loves his cozy basket in the office, in summer he likes to go in our garden or to the neighbour’s meadow and goes out on our terrace to enjoy the sun rays…In the evening he often sits on the red carpet in front of the reception, greets the guests and receives his daily caress.

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