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Unwind after a full vacation day spent in Gastein

New from June 2024: our outdoor natural pool! Relax with a view and enjoy cosy hours at our pool.

After a glorious day of skiing or an extended hike in Gastein Valley, allow yourself to unwind completely in our relaxation area.
Our sauna facilities feature a Finnish sauna, bio sauna and an infrared heat cabin. Sweat your way to a fantastic feeling of wellness! Relax, leave everyday life behind for a few hours and treat yourself to a well-deserved break on your holidays in Gastein!

The relaxation rooms and an idyllic outdoor sunbathing area afford uniquely beautiful views of Gastein’s mountain world, inviting you to stretch out without a care in the world.
Sessions in the sauna cleanse your body, improve wellbeing and strengthen your immune system. In winter especially, you will strengthen your defenses against potential cold symptoms.

Finnish Sauna: Especially for dedicated sauna fans and anyone who likes it hot. At temperatures around 90°C, you should never spend more than 15 minutes in this sauna.

Infrared Deep Heat: promotes blood flow, stimulates the metabolism, improves oxygen supply to the cells and organs, and strengthens the immune system. Especially soothing and beneficial in easing tension as well as joint and muscle problems. Perfect for anyone who finds the sauna a bit too physically stressful.

Organic Sauna – Steam Sauna: The steam sauna is very mild and gentle, making it especially suitable for “beginners”. It doesn’t put quite as much strain on the cardiovascular system, produces optimal relaxation of muscles, and detoxifies the body.

Wellness at Gastein’s spa resorts & restored health at the Gastein Healing Gallery

Bubbling hot springs with water pure enough to drink, crystal-clear streams emerging from the depths of the mountains – Gastein was seemingly predestined for wellness & spa escapes.
Modern, spacious Alpentherme spa resort in Gastein as well as the Gastein Felsentherme offer you a wide range of relaxation and feel-good amenities. Restore harmony to your body, mind and soul, as you draw renewed strength from the thermal waters of Gastein’s spa resorts.

The Gastein Healing Gallery is visited by guests from around the world. A perfect interplay of radon, warmth and humidity makes the Gastein Healing Gallery the most effective natural remedy for rheumatic issues, allergies, skin disorders, arthritis, as well as complaints of the respiratory passages.
Take advantage of the healing effects of the Nobel gas radon – book health days at the Gastein Healing Gallery.

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